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Why Choose Virtual United Airlines?

Virtual United Airlines is one of the most active and largest virtual airlines operating today. To make flying more fun, we do not require check rides or tests and like to help members new to the hobby.

177 Active Pilots

Our pilots must file a PIREP at least once every 30 days to remain active.

78,241 Flights Flown

All of our flights have totaled over 137,200,155 miles! That is almost the distance from Earth to Mars.

568,963 Hours Flown

We've flown over half of a million hours! That's why we're one of the most active VA's in the world!

Live Virtual United Airlines Flights

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Flight Phase ETE Track Flight

Recent Arrivals Board

Pilot Airline Flight Number Departure Arrival Landing Rate
Jonathan Kost CAOCharterUALKORDKSNA-344 fpm
Henrique SilvaUnited Airlines885SBBRSBEG-116 fpm
Andreas Dittrich United Airlines482 (1A)KEWRKIAD-175 fpm
Andy MoralesScandinavian Airlines489ESSAENGM-323 fpm
Adam MazurUnited Airlines101KMIARJAA-194 fpm
Richard MoravcsikUnited Airlines1010TLSZHEGLL-74 fpm
Bob BressertAir Canada609CYHZCYUL-158 fpm
Joerg SchwuchowUnited Airlines919EGLLKIAD-398 fpm
Alex DucheneUnited Express5407AKOKCKDEN-111 fpm
Richard MoravcsikUnited Airlines1009TEFHKLSZH-174 fpm
Scott MillardUnited Airlines228 (1B)KBNAKIAH-221 fpm
Ian PlaceUnited Airlines1457 (A)KDENKLGA-661 fpm
Reginald Odhiambo9HKMOHTZA-192 fpm
Reginald Odhiambo0HKJKHKMO-228 fpm
Sebastien RamonUnited Airlines494LFPGUDYZ-151 fpm
Steve PupkarLufthansa575 (1)FACTEDDM-241 fpm
Thierry NguepdjoUnited Airlines1548 (1B)KIADKMIA-194 fpm
Alex DucheneUnited Express3667AKIAHKOKC-187 fpm
Arturo Granados SanchezUnited Airlines2036TJSJKEWR-188 fpm
Rich Del SeccoUnited Airlines435FMMIKSFO-156 fpm

Airline News

Staff Announcement 2/10/24


Below are some staff announcements and a brief update on VUAL HR.

Please join me in congratulating UAL007 Colin Atwood, our new Director of HR. Colin reports directly to Jonathan Kost, Chief Administration Officer. HR will be opening back up very soon, so stay tuned for that announcement.

Please join me in congratulating UAL005 Liam Duffy, our new VP – Schedules. Liam will also be a member at large on the VUAL Board of Directors. Liam has many years of real-world flight dispatcher experience.

Please join me in congratulating UAL100 Vince Hendrickson, who will be a member at large

Feb. 4, 2024 Update


Welcome to February! A quick update on some of our activities these past couple weeks. First off, we are close to announcing changes to the HR dept. Stay tuned for staffing announcements and VUAL re-opening its doors to new and returning pilots. We are also close to regaining our status as a Partner VA with VATSIM. Both of these items should be completed in the next week or so. Second, we are trimming the rosters once again. Pilots who have not flown in the last 60 days (even though the Ops guide says 30 days) will be removed. Once

Jan. 20, 2024 Update


Greeting pilots!

I hope this note finds you well.

Lots of updates this week, and a peak at some of the changes coming. First things first, if you are not linked to VUAL Discord, you are not going to hear much from the VA. We are moving away from e-mail and there are ongoing discussions regarding the future of our forums. PLEASE get connected with our Discord ASAP.

Last week we terminated over 220 pilots who were inactive for over 60 days an on long-overdue LOAs. This was a huge task. Currently we are working

VUAL HR Dept. Update

VUAL HR will not be processing new pilot applications until further notice. If you have applied, your application is on hold. We will be addressing HR and resume processing new pilot applications as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!